The German School of Atlanta administers the AATG exams Level II, III, and IV:

  • USA Nationwide recognized Testing of German Language Skill

  • Compiled and graded by The American Association of Teachers of German

  • Recognized by any nationwide High School (who offers the very same testing)

GSA offers a course to prepare for the AP German Exam. The AP German exam is administered by your local high school. Please contact your high school counselor for details if you are planning on taking the AP German exam.

Click here to visit AATG website.


October 10, 2020

Library book drop off

On October 10th between 12pm and 2pm you can drop off your library books in front of East Cobb Middle School. We will have another drop pff organized in October, please stay tuned.

October 10, 2020

School book pick up

On October 10th between 12pm and 2pm you can pick up your school books in front of East Cobb Middle School. Please drive to the front entrance, stay in your car and hold up a paper worth your students name, class and teacher. We will bring your books to your car.

July 06, 2020

School year 2020/21 1.Semester remote!

With everyones safety in mind the Board of the German School of Atlanta decided today that we will start the new school year remote. Fernvergnügen will continue until the end of 2020. We are working on all the details right now and will share more information soon. Thank you and be safe.

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