In the past we have been able to have credit hours of our school being transferred to high schools in Cobb county, Henry county, Fayette county and Forsyth county. We are currently working with Gwinnett county to assure the transfer and recognition of our statewide accreditation.

Our initial experiences with the Carnegie credit hours transfer are as follows:

  • The individual high school administration and the particular County Language Coordinator needs to be informed of our DSD Program and the students participation PRIOR to asking for the credit hour transfer, i.e. at the beginning of the school year, not after passing the test.

  • Each county has established their own amount of hours the student had to be exposed in a classroom setting, which needs to be verified with attendance reports. This is in addition to passing the test, and for the local US school administration it is a vital part of granting the Carnegie transfer. (And as we have learned, it can be a stumbling block).

Carnegie Transfers

November 27, 2020

The 2nd semester continues with remote learning

With everyones safety in mind the Board of the German School of Atlanta decided  that we will continue  the school year remote. Fernvergnügen will continue until May 2021. Thank you and be safe.

October 10, 2020

Library book drop off

On October 10th between 12pm and 2pm you can drop off your library books in front of East Cobb Middle School. We will have another drop pff organized in October, please stay tuned.

October 10, 2020

School book pick up

On October 10th between 12pm and 2pm you can pick up your school books in front of East Cobb Middle School. Please drive to the front entrance, stay in your car and hold up a paper worth your students name, class and teacher. We will bring your books to your car.

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