German School of Atlanta Reaches Milestone: 30 Years of Connecting Cultures

German School of Atlanta Reaches Milestone: 30 Years of Connecting Cultures

(ATLANTA, GA, USA, September, 2013) German School of Atlanta (GSA) The German School of Atlanta ( will mark its 30th anniversary this fall with the date of incorporation being December 5th, 1983.  Since 1983 the GSA has been dedicated to the students’ appreciation and awareness of German culture.

In honor of the occasion, an Immersion Day will be held on November 2, 2013 at the current home of GSA: East Cobb Middle School, 380 Holt Road, Marietta, GA 30067.  Members of the public are invited to learn more about the school in a variety of ways. The school has also invited teachers who teach German in the Metro Atlanta area to a workshop as well as students from local Middle and High schools. The event starts at 9:30 am and wraps up around 2:30pm to the tunes of Norbert Fuhrmann and his German American Band.

“At the GSA, students from pre-school age through adults have the opportunity to develop their German language skills and cultural understanding in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere”, says Gaby Beyer, president of the school.  GSA strives to have just the right class for every student in terms of competence level, language environment and age. “In addition we offer AP prep, the full AATG and Sprachdiplom testing program and the possibility to obtain Carnegie credits” says Beyer.

To expand the existing program, the team at the GSA has designed its first online course which is available to anybody who would like to learn German at their own pace and with the assistance of a certified online instructor. In addition, plans are under way to open up a satellite campus in Peachtree City in January 2014.

The GSA is a cornerstone of the German community and enjoys strong support from individuals, institutions, companies and governments both locally and in Germany. Many students have successfully graduated with the Sprachdiplom and are now studying or working in Germany or for German companies in the US.

Beginning with 45 students in 1983, the GSA has grown to 300 students this year who are being taught by a very dedicated team of teachers.  School is in session for 30 Saturdays a year at East Cobb Middle School in Marietta from 9:30 a.m. until noon. 

For more information about the GSA, please visit or contact (770) 670-2908 or via email at

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Congrats to Caleb Russo – Assistant Teacher

Congrats to one of our Teacher Assistants. Caleb Russo has been assisting in the DaM 1 class for 2 years. He graduated July 30, 2013 with honors from Kennesaw State University. We are lucky to have him at our school and are proud of his achievements!
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Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

das Schuljahr ist so gut wie vorbei – da gibt es Dinge zu berichten. Auch dieses Jahr gab es wieder viele Leseratten. Die Hälfte aller Kinder, die ein Passwort für Antolin erhalten hatte, haben aktiv mitgemacht. Das ist super! Aber bestimmt können wir uns noch steigern.

Die Bücherei hat viele neue Bücher. Unser Etat ist nicht erschöpft. Deshalb – haben Sie Bücherwünsche? Bitte schicken Sie mir eine Mail

In fast jeder Klasse gab es ein paar richtig tolle Antolinfans, denen die Schule hier gerne nach Klassen gratulieren möchte. Es sollen dabei nicht nur die Punkte eine Rolle spielen, sondern auch die Zahl der Bücher und der Schwierigkeitsgrad.

Besonders hervorzuheben ist noch, dass sich die Nicht-Muttersprachler, für die es ja nun noch schwieriger ist, sich richtig angestrengt haben. Die Klasse G2A von Frau Brown-Hellman hatte 100% Beteiligung – toll!

Grundstufe G1A:

  • Brigitte McNulty – richtig schwere Bücher
  • Lily Teipen – richtig viele Bücher

Grundstufe G1AP:

  • Claire und Natalie Schwerd – je 20 Bücher

Grundstufe G1C:

  • Anja Biswas – 17 Bücher

Grundstufe G1-CP:

  • Kaden Blanks – 716 Punkte
  • Sofia Mendez – 639 Punkte

Grundstufe G2A:

  • Connor Nottingham – 12 Bücher
  • James Reamer – 9 Bücher

Grundstufe G2C:

  • Milon Biswas – richtig viele Bücher
  • Gregory Otte – richtig schwere Bücher

Grundstufe G2CP:

  • Miriam Donovan – 1197 Punkte

Mittelstufe M3C:

  • Justine Kwee – 613 Punkte

Mittelstufe M3CP:

  • Ella Teipen – 12 Bücher
  • Sarah Witt – 10 Bücher

Mittelstufe M4CP:

  • Christiana Payne – 280 Punkte

Mittelstufe M4C:

  • Mathis Striedelmeyer – 245 Punkte
  • Lubna Orberger – 216 Punkte


  • Hauke Dell – 644 Punkte


  • Mona Hagen – 1030 Punkte



  • Germany: Making Choices

    Posted on September 12, 2017

    •           Kennesaw State University is once again, and for the fourth time, bringing the annual “KSU German Culture Week” to the GSA Campus. This year’s topic is “Germany: Making Choices”. Please join us on September 30, 2017, in the Cafeteria. 11:00-11:30 KSU Quiz Bowl “Germany: Making Choices” 11:30-11:45 Parade 11:45-12:00 Making *healthy* Choices Celebration

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  • Spielstrasse 2017

    Posted on May 2, 2017

    • You are cordially invited to be part of this relaxing and fun German morning. School starts as always at 9:30am

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Contact Us

Contact Us

The German School of Atlanta, Inc
P.O. Box 2548, Stockbridge, GA 30281

(770 ) 670-2908 (Telephone)

Classes are held at

East Cobb Middle School, 380 Holt Road NE Marietta, GA 30068